InkTransfer DTF

DTF InkTransfer

Create multicolor high quality and resistant
digital print transfers including WHITE INK!

DTF print solution
Start your new bussiness today - produce high quality durable digital transfers InkTransfer!
Transfers made by InkTransfer technology is possible to heat press on many different surfaces and materials.
textile | cartons | wood | leather | metals | glass | ceramics | ...
Why choose PixPrinter InkTransfer?
Fully developed and produced in EU - you can expect full service.
White Ink mixing
Scheduled mixing of white ink in bottle means less maintenance for operator.
White Ink circulation
Scheduled white ink circulation in ink tubes and dampers means less maintenance for operator.
Automatic head clean
Scheduled head cleans means less maintenance for operator.
Professional RIP software
Included with every printer with pre-set settings and profiles for 100% results.
Touch display
Multilanguage intuitive touch display for machine settings.
Print media suction
Your print media always stay flat during printing, due to built in suction feature.
1 year warranty
PixPrinter InkTransfer comes with 1 year warranty.
Easy maintenance
Everything in printer is designed for very easy access for maintenance.

How it works

Revolutionary NEW digital technology.
Easy as 1,2,3.
Print design
on PixPrinter InkTransfer
Design is printed including WHITE ink.
Apply powder glue
Easily apply powder to the printed ink on film.
Transfer to product
Using standard heat press transfer image to textile, wood, plastics, metal and more!
Revolutionary print systems.
DTF printers
PixPrinter InkTransfer
High quality prints on variety of textile materials.
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DTF - Made in EU
DTF InkTransfer printers - MADE in EU
DTF InkTransfer PREMIUM QUALITY consumables
DTF printer maintenance
Endless print possibilities with InkTransfer DTF
You can print any image or designs including logos and photos. Print is soft touch, stretchable and high wash resistant. No matter if you print on cotton, polyester, nylon, leather or other textile materials, always expect high quality print, that will last.
DTF printer PixPrinter InkTransfer
Technical specification
Print size : A6, A5, A4, A3, A3+ | Print resolution : up to 5760x1440dpi
Connection : USB | Weight : 30kgs |
Print system : Ink CMYK+White | Suction of print film : Yes |
White ink circulation : Yes | Mixing of white ink : Yes | Automatic head clean : Yes | Measurements of printer : w79 x d75 x h45cm
Where to buy?
If you want to purchase our PixPrinter InkTransfer DTF solution, contact us today for dealer contact information in your country.

If you have any questions e-mail us :

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We are looking for professional distributors worldwide
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InkTransfer - Direct to film print system